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Draw Jump App Review – Cute Rocket, Too Familiar Gameplay

Been there, certainly done that. The jump as high as you can, most familiarly seen in Doodle Jump, has become all too popular in terms of density in the app store. Right now, the genre can still be fun but only if developers anticipate what users will want to see

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Join The iPhone Alley BurnBall Tribe! [Updated]

Attention all iPhone gamers, we have a mission for you! iPhone Alley has partnered with Tim Haines, developer of BurnBall, to participate in BurnBall Tribes! Along with four other iPhone sites (listed below), iPhone Alley will have its own BurnBall team which will be competing against the others. If you don't have BurnBall already, we've got two promo codes to give away to get you started. At the end of each day, the tribe which has a team member with the highest score will receive another promo code to give away. More details below.


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