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Apple COO Tim Cook Spotted at China Mobile HQ

Apple’s COO (Chief Operating Officer) was spotted at China Mobile’s headquarters. The significance? According to MIC Gadget, he’s most likely there discussing with the company’s executives about a possible deal. Currently, iPhones are only available in China for customers of China Unicom, a carrier with had 179.34 million customers as

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Gameplay Videos Of Freeverse’s Upcoming SlotZ Racer

As we reported earlier from Macworld 2009, Freeverse is set to release a slot car racing game called SlotZ Racer. Today we received word from Freeverse that the game has been submitted to Apple for review, so it should be available soon. We still haven't heard about pricing, so we'll just have to wait until the app is approved. In the meantime, check out the newly released track creation video as well as the gameplay video below.


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