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‘Shadowgun’ App Review – A Bug-Plagued, Yet Awing, Adventure of Aesthetic Satisfaction

If you haven’t yet seen Shadowgun, haven’t heard of it or didn’t have the curiousity to check it out in action on YouTube after seeing or hearing about it, then there’s something morbidly wrong with you. New from Madfinger Games, the game has already topped the charts thanks to its

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Full Console Games on the iPad, Play Them Yourself in Fall

If by now you have not heard that full console games are going to be playable on the iPad (and Android tablets) through a certain cloud gaming service that processes games remotely while streaming video of the game to any compatible devices, then you have not been keen in your

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Dead Spaceā„¢ App Review – Possibly the Best!

Dead Space ™ was recently released into the app store and since then hasn’t had a break from the media with all of the “oohs” and the “aahs” that it’s been receiving; including from me. It seems no one expected such a chilling, quality third-person shooter to breeze the app

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‘Battlefield: Bad Company 2′ App Review – Classic Combat, FPS Action!

With not so much of a good experience with FPS shooters on the iDevice, I wasn’t too sure if EA’s newest release, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 would be a game living up to its name. Though, knowing that the game was derived from the console phenomenon, I was assured a

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Game Dev Story App Review – Flash Through 20 Years of Game Development

Ever wonder what it’s like to be the head of a game development company? I’m sure many of you have enjoyed games to their core, but have you ever wondered what it takes to make those game? How much time is put in, the amount of money invested and a

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