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iPhone Alley Spectrum Countdown to the Relaunch Giveaway

The pending relaunch of iPhone Alley as a whole has been a tease to our readers, undoubtedly. In the past few months, the launch date has changed quite a few times as reflection of the countless struggles we've faced behind the scenes to assure that the all-new, redesigned iPhone Alley unanimously surpasses everyone's expectations. As a token of appreciation for all of those who have stuck alongside us, iPhone Alley is offering its readers the chance the exclusive chance to win big. In light of the relaunch, which is coming incredibly soon, iPhone Alley has teamed up with case provider, Otterbox as well as numerous iOS developers - click to enter!


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Does the MacBook Pro Price Cut Signal Something Wrong with Apple? [Opinion]

The day before Valentine’s Day Apple had surprised the blogosphere and consumers by announcing both a processor refresh and price cut for its recently-released Retina MacBook Pros and MacBook Air. Yes, in an unexpected move – just four months after introducing its high-end laptops – Apple chops $200 off the

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Even Bill Gates’ Kids Wanted Apple Products for Christmas

There is nary an audience that Apple products cannot appeal to, especially to wide-eyed competitors that are more than likely green with envy; possibly over the green that Apple generated over the holiday season. In fact, not even the Bill Gates household could make it through the season without Apple products on a wish-list for Santa to deliver. However, it seems that Gates and Santa had a deal in place since the Gates kids ended up with what can be considered the direct opposite of their humble wishes.


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iPad Mini Could Take After iPod touch’s Thinness

10.1" iPad's little brother (or perhaps we should consider it a cousin) has been slimming down, working off those calories in vicious Temple Run sessions. The rumored iPad Mini could look quite distinct in comparison to the current model. It could be taking a significant reduction in all dimensions to become extremely minimal for a tablet of its class.


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Google+: What It Means for Facebook Users

Google+ is still only invite-only, but it already has snatched up tons of users (20 million +) in its few weeks of existence; users that most likely won’t be using Facebook anymore. The introduction of this new social network means that it won’t be such an easy ride for Facebook

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Price Of iPhone In Indonesia Drops Nearly $100

Those of you reading this from Indonesia are in luck. Macworld reports that In celebration of Telkomsel's 14th anniversary this month, the company, which happens to be the official carrier of the iPhone 3G in the country, is offering Rp. 1 million (roughly $96 as of earlier today) off of all models of iPhone 3G for anyone who signs up for a 12 month contract. More info on the deal is available here for those who can read the language.


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