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OnLive to Make Games Such As Borderlands Playable on Tablets

No longer will tablet gamers be confined to the capabilities of (increasingly improved) mobile hardware for games. OnLive is finally going to bring its on demand cloud gaming service to tablets in a playable form. A concept/demonstration OnLive Viewer app has been available on the iPad for months, but it’s

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Review/Freebie Alert: everyAir – Play PC/Mac Games in iOS

For a limited time everyAir, one of my App Store favorites, is free. The developers of everyAir set off to do something quite ambitious – design an app that would allow users to play PC/Mac games on their iOS devices. That is exactly what they accomplished over time and quite

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Top Ten ‘Top Ten iPhone Flaws’ List

While the iPhone is still top-notch in our book, it's still not quite as perfect as most would like it to be. Some are fans venting their frustration, others are impartial media trying to get the word out, and still others think it sucks and think you should agree. Boing Boing has compiled a list of their favorite "top ten iPhone flaws" lists.


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