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Cheaper iPhones on the Way? A New Apple Patent May Point to That

“Cheaper iPhones are on the way!” is the shout that many websites whose authors claim to be in the know are raising. But is a less expensive iPhone really on the way? A patent that was recently awarded to Apple may point in that direction.

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Former CEO Believes Cheaper iPhone is Necessary

News of a cheaper iPhone took the Internet by storm last week, and those hoping for a bargain-basement price for one of the finest pieces of machinery known to man saw those dreams dashed, at least for the time being, when Apple executive Phil Schiller clarified that such a thing

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What We Know So Far About the Low-Cost iPhone

Apple is indeed after diversifying its iPhone offering with a cheaper version of its flagship handset. Both the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg have confirmed Digitimes’ earlier report citing anonymous supply chain sources.

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OnLive Gaming Service to Launch June 17th For iPhone, Other Mobile Handsets

Over at the Game Developers Conference, OnLive CEO Steve Perlman announced that the OnLive cloud-based gaming service (which does the rendering work in a cloud architecture, then streams it back to a lightweight client that will work on nearly any computer or TVs  with an adapter) will be released on June 17, 2010. At launch, the service will be available in the 48 contiguous states.

Per TechCrunch, the service will have a $14.95 per month base service fee, and then users will purchase games and rentals on an a la carte model on top of that. Users will be able to purchase multiple months at a time to get a discount on the service and the company is offering a special in which it will waive the service fee for three months for the first 25,000 users to pre-register here.


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