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Tips: Avoid Roaming Charges When Traveling Internationally

I'm going out of the country soon, and I lay in bed last night wondering how I would avoid exorbitant roaming charges if I received calls or accessed the local data network in my destination country. So I did some research and have included some tips below that will help make sure you don't incur any fees when traveling internationally.


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Phone-O-Scope Allows Users to Add SLR Lens to iPhone

If you really, really, really want interchangeable SLR lenses on your iPhone and are willing to do things the hard way, camera modder Bhautik Joshi may have just answered all your prayers. The Phone-O-Scope, invented by Joshi, makes use of an always handy laser pickup from a CD player, some PVC pipe couplers and, of course, duct tape to let you attach any regular SLR lens to your iPhone.


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