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League of Evil, Pixel-Platformer, Revealed

Though I haven’t posted anything on it yet, I’ve been following the development of Ravenous Games’ (previously Cave Run, Ravenous Trivia/HD) newest work, League of Evil. I couldn’t get much off of their occasional tweets about new additions to the game, but with their steady release of screenshots every Saturday,

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Mushihimesama Bug Panic App Review – It’s a Mouthful, But It’s Worth It!

Dual-stick shooters are found in abundance on the app store, and personally I think they fit the device’s capabilities well. iPhone developers CAVE have previously released two shmups for the iPhone and iPod Touch which never really appealed to my gaming fancy, though their newest title to brace the app

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Telia Sonera Changes iPhone 3G Plans Due To Customer Complaints

Just as we thought the announcements of iPhone 3G plans were rapping up, one of them had to go back and start changing things. Telia Sonera announced their plans for the iPhone 3G last month, and apparently the Swedes weren't too happy about them. Fortunately, after a large outpouring of complaints from customers, the company has revised their plans.


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