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Burger Cat App Review – Clawing for Help

Thus far, Ravenous Games have hosted a multitude of hardcore titles on the App Store that require the most amount of attention a gamer can give. With a distinctive difference in difficulty, in comparison to past tiles, Burger Cat ($0.99) boasts a numerous amount of less-demanding challenges. Jovial throughout, despite

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Feline Friend Plays Fruit Ninja on the iPad

There's really been nothing worthwhile to post about in the past few days (our fake excuse for being down for the better part of both yesterday and today), but it seems that another video involving our feline friends has gone viral on YouTube and it's of significance. Well, to us anyways.


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Meow Meow Happy Fight Review – Fun Filled Action Wrapped In A Furball

Dual-stick shooters are pretty easily found on the app store. With a search, you can find tons. But, I don’t think any of them are built with the care and the detail, and the humor that Meow Meow Happy Fight [App Store] is built with. The storyline is as follows:

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