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Home Depot Builds New Relationship with Apple; New iPhones Due for Employees

There soon will be new iPhones for Home Depot staff. One by one, government agencies and corporations are dropping BlackBerry for the iPhone. The home improvement retail chain is the latest to hold the distinction of being one of these entities.

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The iPhone: One of the Only Smartphones to Maintain a Spot in a List of Top 20

Here’s something that will blow you’re mind – that is if you’re not a full Apple enthusiast, considering those mentioned people have probably been expecting it and will be the least surprised to hear that the iPhone is one of two smartphones to remain in the list of top 20

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BlackBerry App World Deceivingly Competitive with a Billion Downloads

Sure, it isn’t quite the App Store’s recent astonishing fifteen-billion download milestone, but for another mobile app hub to reach its own billion download milestone in the same week shows that Apple is not alone in strong application distribution. Research In Motion is the next to make news with reports

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iPad App Selection Passes the 100,000 Mark

The App Store hits another major milestone as there are now over 100,000 fully iPad-optimized apps available for your tapping, swiping, and multi-touching pleasure. It took just around a year and three months, which is an extremely impressive timeframe for any platform to grow so substantially. Yes ladies and gentlemen,

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Apple to Put Dent in Carriers’ Revenue Without Warning

Among the many new features in iOS 5, the one feature that’s set to annoy carriers is iMessage, Apple’s take on a messaging service. For the most part, it replaces text messaging when talking to iPhone users in the same way that BlackBerry Messenger does for BlackBerry phones. Communicating for

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Technology in the White House

When you think of the White House, you think top security, intelligence, secrecy and Technology. In my mind, I picture the oval office like a sophisticated Starship Enterprise. Drop down screens, high tech video conferencing, voice recognition software, basically, all the things that are possible but extremely costly to implement.

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Windows Mobile On An iPhone? We’re Calling FAKE

Various blogs are reporting today on a video of what looks like Windows Mobile running on an iPhone. In the demonstration, which took place at the seemingly fictitious myPhone 2008 conference, Norwegian application developer Erik Kristiansen showed off his accomplishment of running Windows Mobile on an iPhone. However, the quick demonstration, awkward interaction between the two, and unholy pairing of Windows Mobile with an iPhone made us skeptical. After we checked out other videos from the "myPhone 2008 conference", we're calling this one a fake. Video after the break!


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