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Even Bill Gates’ Kids Wanted Apple Products for Christmas

There is nary an audience that Apple products cannot appeal to, especially to wide-eyed competitors that are more than likely green with envy; possibly over the green that Apple generated over the holiday season. In fact, not even the Bill Gates household could make it through the season without Apple products on a wish-list for Santa to deliver. However, it seems that Gates and Santa had a deal in place since the Gates kids ended up with what can be considered the direct opposite of their humble wishes.


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Apple Demanding Fewer “Cookie Cutter” Applications

Following Apple's decision to remove a wide swath of sexy/adult-oriented applications from the App Store, the company is also apparently culling "cookie cutter" applications/applications built using templates from one of the many app-building services on the market.

According to TechCrunch, the consensus according to developers interviewed appears that Apple doesn’t appear to be opposed to ‘app generators’ and templates per se, but in the last month or so it has started cracking down on basic applications that are little more than RSS feeds or glorified business cards. Apple apparently doesn’t want people using native applications for things that a basic web app could accomplish.

Unlike the ’sexy’ app ban that took place a few weeks ago, when Apple gave developers no options to keep their apps on the store, over the last month the company has been reaching out to at least a few app building services to suggest what they should be doing.


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