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iPad mini vs iPad: Mini Packs More Screen for Its Much-Tinier Size

Even though iPad mini may come in a smaller package, it still packs a lot of screen real estate into its form factor with its 7.9" display compared to iPad's 9.7". In fact, the display-to-size ratio is significantly better on iPad mini. For the trade-off in dimensions, iPad mini provides a superior screen real estate that will not feel all that cramped for regular iPad users. Exactly how much of the display does iPad mini, with its absolutely immense reduction in size and weight, pack compared to iPad? Read on for the specifics.


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Faster App Switching, Bigger Screen Next-Generation iPhone Mockup

As more and more rumors flood in, what tends to be the case in past years, due to the rumored dates of new product announcements comes ever so close, there are always some interesting mockups that make their way onto the web. Hypothetically, this next one that we're presenting to you could happen, but it probably will not. The video is intriguing, regardless.


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How To: Replacing the iPhone Enclosure

One of everyone's favorite things to do is customize their iPhones, and one fun and stylish way to do that is to replace the outer enclosures. There are a few colored ones, but the silver and black piece from is both durable and classy, and provides a good fit. Matt McK's tutorial shows how to replace the original silver casing with this classy black one in a way that will minimize the chance of damaging parts.


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