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Absurd Rumor? Bendable iPhone to Come Soon from Apple

We've previously heard about the Liquidmetal iPhone - now, another rumor that you should questionably take with or without a pinch of salt: a bendable iPhone.


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Infinite Labs Releases Mover 3

Infinite Labs has released Mover 3, a major update to its popular file sharing app for the iPhone and iPod touch. For those who don't know, Mover allows users to share contacts and photos with multiple devices simply by flicking the desired info from one device to the other. Version 3 has been rewritten from the ground up and promises greater performance and reliability. Additionally, Mover now supports video sharing from an iPhone 3GS.

Mover is available in two flavors: Mover+ [App Store, $1.99] which is a free update for current owners of Mover+ and allows you to send and receive contacts, photos, and video. Mover Lite [App Store, Free] can send contacts and photos as well as receive all content from Mover+.

A video of Mover in action follows below!


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