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Marble Slalom Review

From the CodeCube Brothers, comes Marble Slalom a fresh takes on the ball-roller classification in which you race through many slalom tracks to achieve the best time. While it’s not as addicting as Tiny Wings, I’ve been in love with it since I got it about a week ago. I

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Bee Patrol App Review – A Colorful Frenzy of Unique Line-Drawing

With so many applications flooding the app store each day, it’s definitely difficult to pick and choose the good ones. Often, some amazing ones drift past without being noticed while others pick up attention immediately. Bee Patrol with it’s colorful artwork and fun premise is hard to miss: it’s got

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Apple Bluetooth Headset Now $30 Cheaper, Dual Dock Sold Separately

After the iPhone 3G went on sale this Friday, Apple dropped the price of its ├╝ber stylish Bluetooth Headset. Previously priced at a whopping $130, the headset has dropped $30 in price to a round $100 even. Why the drop in price? It wasn't because Apple finally realized it was over-priced. Instead, they've decided to remove that oh-so-useful dual-dock from the package. They do include the "travel cable" though, which charges and pairs the headset. If you would like to purchase the dock separately, it's available from Apple for - get this - $49.


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