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Brave Beak App Review – Tiny Wings and Angry Birds Made a Deserving Baby

Though it may come off as yet another blatant ripoff of the two mighty birds of the App Store, adding to the ranks of other applications that have attempted to reproduce Rovio's and Andreas Illiger's success in the past, Brave Beak is rather a spinoff of the two previously mentioned games with unique elements included that make it differ quite a bit - in a good way, of course.


1 comment - What do you think? Allows iPhone Users Access to 11 Live TV Channels

A new web site has surfaced that allows users you watch live television via a QuickTime player in Safari. Per Macworld UK, allows both iPhone and desktop conputer users to currently watch 11 channels - BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, ITV2, Channel 4, Five, BBC Three, Film4, E4, More4, and 4Music.


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