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Apple Experimenting With Batteries Capable of Only Needing a Monthly Charge?

Recent patents reveal how Apple may have made increasing a device’s total battery life one of its top priorities. Any improvement would be a good thing, but there is a chance that we may see an iPhone sometime in the next few years or possibly even months with a battery

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Artwizz’s PowerBud Review – A Very Elegant and Portable External Battery

When it comes to external batteries on the market, pretty much every one of them is the same. Some have their perks, like a built in stand or other little features that make them a bit more “luxurious” if you would. However, when you really think about it most external

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Mophie Juice Pack Air Review for iPod Touch 2G and 3G – Battery Dead? Saved!

Seldom has my iPod lasted me a whole day without me having to charge it. That’s how much its battery capacity has dropped since I bought it two Septembers ago. Those external batteries that they sell do the job, but the iPod being charged usually cannot be used – the

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Strange Cracks Appearing In iPhone 3G Plastic Back

The appearance of mysterious deformities on numerous iPhone 3Gs is bringing the durability of the plastic back plate into question. Owners of iPhone 3Gs worldwide have begun to notice small, mysterious, black cracks forming in the plastic of their iPhone. Hairline fractures have been forming, mostly near the volume and vibrate controls, but also elsewhere on the device. Most of the devices with the problem have been the white 16GB model, though at least one black model is displaying signs as well.


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