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Easy-Macro Lens Band Review – Spruce Up Your Smartphone Pictures

With the increase in potential that was invested into the newest iteration of Apple’s expanding lineup of iPhone devices, it’s expected to see a market monopolize for smartphone accessories that will enhance picture taking from such devices. We highlighted an accessory a few months back, which we thought was really

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iPhone Halloween Costumes Make Us Jealous, Cost $2,000 To Build

Looking for the best halloween costume ever? Sorry, you're too late, because these two guys have taken the cake with expensive, bulky, and incredibly nerdy iPhone costumes. How hardcore are they? Well, not only do they actually show the screens of the iPhones on their shoulders, but they each have a 42-inch LCD TV built into the front, bringing the total of the two to $2,000. We're also guessing the devices both had to be jailbroken to make it work, which means bonus points in our book.


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