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AT&T Says “Thank You for Sticking Around” In the Form of Free Rollover Minutes

Are you still a “valued” AT&T customer, unswayed by the release of the iPhone 4 on Verizon? Then AT&T would like to show their appreciation by giving out a thousand free Rollover minutes to iPhone customers. AT&T in-coincidentally began sending out messages informing customers with an active iPhone account of

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Verizon iPhone May Have App Troubles

Today TeleNav announced that its TeleNav GPS app for the iPhone will only be released for the Verizon iPhone 4. Wait, what? Is this part of some exclusivity deal? Is Apple really going to allow this? Are AT&T and Verizon customers looking at a future of popular apps only being

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Is the White iPhone 4 Finally Launching?

Engadget has received a tip from a reader who came across something quite unexpected: an ambiguous shelf tag in a Houston Best Buy. The shelf tag in question seems to be there for the impending launch of a white 16GB AT&T iPhone 4. The no-commitment price on the tag is

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AT&T and Verizon Sparring for the Spotlight

For the past few days and even weeks, AT&T and Verizon have both been releasing ads to criticize one another and show their network as the superior one. Only time will tell if this sparring will go beyond the CDMA iPhone release, Febrary 10th. Yesterday Verizon launched an ad which

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Verizon iPhone 5 Speculation

This is not a rumor or anything super huge but simply some speculation on my part. Just today I was thinking about something that puzzled me. So I’ll say it straight up right after I give some background information that can back up what I’m about to say. The Verizon

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Review of the Verizon iPhone

The reviews of the Verizon iPhone are pouring out like mad. The big questions have finally arrived. Is the Verizon iPhone faster? Is the reception better? Are there still antenna issues? Should I switch to Verizon? Brian Chen, a writer for Wired who reviewed the Verizon iPhone, says quite simply,

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Wrong Place, Wrong People

On Friday, CNN published an article describing how AT&T’s network isn’t really all that bad. According to Dan Frommer, the service at AT&T is only bad “for the wrong people in the wrong places.” He is wrong in both points he makes supporting AT&T. First, the article states that the service

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3G Skype On iPhone Not Ready, But iPad App Coming Soon

AT&T announced recently that they will be allowing VoIP applications to run over their 3G data network, but Skype says they will wait until they can offer high-quality audio over the data network. They are, however, planning to offer an iPad app in the very near future, which would make calling over 3G on the iPad a likely possibility.


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Apple Acquiring VoIP Service iCall

With Apple's pockets bulging with cash and rumblings of an impending end to the recession, 'tis the season for companies like Apple to do their holiday shopping for smaller companies to gobble up. One unnamed source says the next one on Apples list is VoIP company iCall in a deal valuing between $50-60 million.


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Fring Introduces Video Calling For iPhone

Fringland yesterday released an updated version of their VoIP application, Fring [App Store, Free], which now includes support for video calls. The new addition requires you to be connected via WiFi and only works one-way, due to the iPhone's back-facing camera. The company will supposedly support two-way video calls once the iPhone supports a front-facing camera, as they do on several Nokia phones. Oddly enough, the update does not show that audio calls can be made over 3G, in spite of the fact that Apple and AT&T have lifted the limitation of WiFi only for VoIP calls.

Fringland has also released a video to promote the new feature:


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