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Plan and Device Prices to Significantly Drop with iPhone 5?

Since rumors are really heating up regarding the potential for the next iPhone to make its way onto Sprint, it seems fitting to further discuss the effects consumers would see as a result of every major carrier selling Apple’s highly sought-after popular device. When it comes to pricing, everything could

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An iPhone on Sprint Make Perfect Sense for Apple

Stories are recurring yet again that Sprint will indeed be selling the next iPhone alongside Verizon and AT&T when it launches in the fall. Sprint’s stock rating recently raised from “sell” (as in, “get rid of Sprint stock now, writing is on the wall”) to “neutral,” fueling speculation that this

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Why an iPod touch with 3G Makes Perfect and Imperfect Business Sense

To date, the iPod touch has been attributed to the description of “an iPhone without the phone or data capabilities” in its simplest. That is still accurate, but a recent rumor about how the next iPod touch may include options for 3G data service shakes up the differences between it

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iPhone 3GS Discontinued? iPhone 5 Slated For October? Recapping the Rumor Mill

It’s officially August, which means we could be closer to an Apple announcement, or in for a long ride of more rumors. Here’s a quick recap of the rumor mill’s best so far: According to various reports, the iPhone 5 will be released as early as August or as late

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Last Two Weeks of September Set for New iPhone Launch?

Let’s say you hypothetically happen to work for AT&T. Then you figure that September would be perfect to take a vacation since there will be quite a few post-summer discounts, so you attempt to schedule vacation days for the end of that month. To your dismay, the request is denied

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Select AT&T Unlimited Data Customers to See Slower Download Speeds

For users that constantly find themselves using their unlimited data plans on AT&T’s network to stay connected with friends as well as to enjoy streaming music and movies, a degraded mobile Internet experience may be in the cards for their future. That is, if they happen to be in the

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T-Mobile Customers Can Finally Use the iPhone 4

If T-Mobile just so happens to be your network of choice, then there are two things you would probably like to know: T-Mobile customers can now use iPhone 4 on its network and hey, that network choice will be gone post AT&T merge anyway so it may be better on

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AT&T’s $9 iPhone May Sell Alongside “iPhone 4S”

The iPhone, at the cheapest price it has ever been. For just $9 and a two-year contract/soul-selling commitment, AT&T customers can purchase a refurbished iPhone 3GS in the company’s retail stores and website. A $49 deal can also be found for a brand new iPhone 3GS from the phone’s exclusive

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AT&T Announces Cheaper iPhone Insurance Program

AT&T will begin offering iPhone users its standard mobile insurance plan starting July 17. The carrier is replacing its original iPhone insurance ($11.99/month) with a $4.99 monthly “Mobile Insurance” program. All newly activated or upgraded iPhone devices will be able to enroll within 30 days of activation. The Mobile Insurance

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Apple Ranks as 21st Biggest Retailer According to US Sales

In a report released annually by the National Retail Federation, Apple ranks 21st in a list of the top 100 retailers based on US sales. The company’s retail and iTunes sales were combined giving Apple a total of $18 billion in sales. According to the list, Apple’s sales rose 32.3%

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