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iPhone 5 Worst Smartphone? Thus Sayeth Consumer Reports

There’s no disputing the fact that the iPhone is the greatest invention since…well…ever. But Consumer Reports begs to differ, at least when it comes to the iPhone 5, which for the moment is the most recent version of the greatest device known to mankind. Never mind the fact that the

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Customers Able to Keep AT&T Unlimited Data Plans with iPhone 5 Upgrades

Contrary to popular belief, AT&T has today released a press release stating that customers that currently have an unlimited data plan will be able to grandfathered into an unlimited data plan despite the newly-added support for 4G LTE with the introduction of the iPhone 5.


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AT&T Doesn’t Plan on Charging for FaceTime on Cellular

AT&T has revealed that it will not charge users a premium for using FaceTime over a cellular connection, but instead will require those who desire to do so to be on one of its new Mobile Share data plans. iOS’ popular device-to-device video chatting feature was previously limited for use

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AT&T Announces New Smartphone Data Plans

AT&T today announced a new set of data plans for their smartphone users switching some things up quite a bit. Taking effect this Sunday, the 22nd, the new plans allow users to consume a larger amount of data all around, starting from the lower plans to the higher end ones, though with a slight $5 increase.


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Alleyside Daily #4: AT&T Gets Cold Feet, Jurassic Park, Cute Dogs, Christmas Cases, iPhone Cake

iPhone Alley introduces a brand new way to stay up-to-date on all things happening in the world of iOS. Alleyside Daily is a roundup of news headlines, applications, and products delivered in a unique IM-style, opinionated format.


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AT&T: Best iPhone Launch We’ve Ever Had

It looks like AT&T customers weren’t disappointed by the iPhone 4S announcement. The carrier claims they sold 200,000 iPhones on Friday. “AT&T has seen extraordinary demand for iPhone 4S with more than 200,000 preorders in the first 12 hours alone, the most successful iPhone launch we’ve ever had. It’s obvious

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Would You Switch to Sprint?

It’s rumored and, though very crazy, possible that the iPhone 5 could be exclusive to underdog carrier, if you will, Sprint. Would you switch to Sprint if the new iPhone, supposedly (and hopefully) being announced tomorrow only supports the third most popular carrier? Up till now, the previous generations of

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Sprint May Exclusively Get iPhone 5 in a Multi-Billion Dollar Deal, Updated iPhone 4S/5 Feature Lists

Sprint may have entered into a deal with Apple worth $20 billion, a huge gamble for the struggling carrier. As a result of the deal, iPhone 5 would reportedly be exclusively available on Sprint. Under the deal, Sprint would be committed to purchase 30 million iPhones over the next four

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Sprint iPhone Rumors Heating Up

The Sprint iPhone rumor is starting to gain some steam. On Friday, Bloomberg reiterated the Wall Street Journal’s claim that Sprint would be carrying the iPhone 5 in mid-October. Bloomberg added that Sprint would be retaining their unlimited data service plans for the iPhone 5 in hopes to compete with

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AT&T Vice President Affirms October iPhone 5 Launch

I hope you are sitting down for this one: the Vice President of AT&T has affirmed an early October launch for iPhone 5. Oh wait, report after report has been mentioning that for months. At this point, it sounds like we have a timeframe set in stone. A few lucky

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