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Atari App Hits the iPhone

In October of 1977 the Atari was launched and quickly entered almost every household across the country. Most children and even adults of the 80s were captivated by Pong, Frogger, Donkey Kong, Pitfall and more. Oh, to go back to the days of playing Atari while I drank Tang in

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Addicted to Games

I’ll admit it. I’m a gamer. However, you might be surprised to hear that the only game system I’ve ever owned was an Atari. It was my first experience with video games. I played Frogger, Pitfall and Asteroids until I beat them all. I was obsessed. Then as Nintendo game

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Possible Fixes For Constant App Crashing [Update: Apple Working On Fix]

Many users (myself included) have been experiencing a lot of problems lately with apps on their iPhone crashing or simply not even launching. Two solutions to the problem have been discovered, but the first is definitely less than ideal. One reader of iPhone Atlas claims that the problem can be fixed by reducing the number of apps on the iPhone.


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