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Has the iPhone Reached its Peak in Asia?

Apple’s darling, the iPhone, may be selling well in the United States, but in some Asian countries, a collective groan has arisen, a groan of discontent and boredom that may indicate that Apple’s worm has turned on the hotly-pursued continent.

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ScanBizCards Business Card Scanner

ScanBizCards empowers iPhone weilding sales professionals and other networkers with a portable means to scan business cards coupled with the ability to quickly and easily follow up on leads. At only $5.99, the app is far less than the cost of a dedicated desktop card scanner or leasing a badge scanning service at a trade show. Yet, ScanBizCards is still able to deliver the speed and accuracy needed to quickly OCR or "read" a received card, edit the scan results if needed, and add the contact to your device's address book.


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