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Casual Cravers: Holiday Havoc App Review – Bursting With Holiday Spirit and Pixels

Since the holiday season is approaching fast and is technically around the corner, developers are taking the cue to start and release holiday-themed applications in light of Christmas and New Years. Certainly not the first of these, but one very worthy of a review is newbie developer, Underground Pixel’s first

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INC App Review – Pixel Artwork Gaming to Quench Your Fancy

You’ve got to give a lot of credit to the few people over at OrangePixel who have augmented the App Store’s wide collection of platformers. Thanks to their two previous games, Meganoid and Stardash, their most recent, INC had a warm welcome into the App Store by the small developing

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‘Shadowgun’ App Review – A Bug-Plagued, Yet Awing, Adventure of Aesthetic Satisfaction

If you haven’t yet seen Shadowgun, haven’t heard of it or didn’t have the curiousity to check it out in action on YouTube after seeing or hearing about it, then there’s something morbidly wrong with you. New from Madfinger Games, the game has already topped the charts thanks to its

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League of Evil App Review – Best Platforming Goodness Ever!

If you’re a major gamer that keeps track of all of the new, noticed games to hit the app store everyday using an RSS feed, maybe, or even an online forum you may be familiar with the considerable wave of games that were released into the app store today.

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Orb Allows Media Access Anywhere

For those of you with PCs, you should know about the amazing site called Orb. Orb allows people to create a free account and then access certain folders from any internet-capable device.


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