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Popular iOS Game Now Available for Xbox Kinect

Save for the fact that the featured image of this editorial is a splash screen (literally) of what I’m posting about, I bet not knowing what game I’m talking about (courtesy of the shallow title) exactly made you want to click on this post. Well click away…

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Review: ThinkGeek’s Joystick-It Arcade Stick for iPhone

Some people just hate the iPhone’s touchscreen, period. Now, why they would even buy one, I don’t know but according to our poll from a few weeks ago, a small minority of our readers prefer an external keyboard over the virtual one currently on the iDevice. These same number of

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‘Super Stick(man) Golf’ Multiplayer Update

One of my favorite games till today, Super Stick Golf (My Review) will be receiving an update on the 12th, which will add multiplayer via Game Center to the already uber-perfect gameplay. Glowing perfect review for the game, tons of content and now this. The update will serve as a

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FMX Riders App Review – It’s Got Potential, But It Just Doesn’t Execute It

Since I saw this title emerge about a month or so ago, I’d been eagerly waiting for it to arrive into the app store. With anticipation, I tried the game with hopes that it would live up to all of the hype, but was faced with an attractive racer yet

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New Game Mode Revealed for Halfbrick’s Fruit Ninja!

The team over at Halfbrick have been quite busy folk with the recent release of Age of Zombies (our review) and with yet another title in development. This morning I, and obviously tons of others, received word that that the “coming soon” spot in Fruit Ninja would soon be replaced

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Finger Balance App Review – An Addicting Game Sure to Give Your Fingers a Workout!

From iPhone developers, Coconut Island comes Finger Balance, the new way to give your fingers an excellent little workout. With 30 brain twisting, hair pulling, and totally frustrating levels, this engaging puzzle/arcade game is sure to keep you entertained! I cannot express the level of frustration that Finger Balance has

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