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Gold & Chocolate App Review

There’s really no shortage to the amount of decent, high-quality games on the app store, mainly because of its growing age and the type of astonishing things you can currently do. Gold & Chocolate is a simplistic twist on the classic “three cups, one ball, shuffle, where’s the ball?” genre,

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Extreme Golf App Review

For me, the iPhone is the best platform for 2D golf games. It just feels natural, almost as if the arcade genre was made specially for the device. Among the few that aren’t as realistic as you’d say something like Tiger Woods PGA TourĀ© 12 or any other full-fledged, 3D

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‘iPhone Developer’s Cookbook’ PDF Available

Not too long after the guys at Pragmatic Programmers announced that they were going ahead with their book "iPhone SDK Development" and published a beta PDF, Erica Sadun announced that she too would be publishing her book on iPhone app development, "The iPhone Developer's Cookbook".


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