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Stardash App Review – Mario Fans, Check This Out!

The amount of decent platformers available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad have undoubtedly escalated in the better of the 2011 year. I remember when I was first introduced to the iOS world of applications, otherwise deemed and more commonly referred to as the App Store, there was practically

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The Royal Wedding Goes App Crazy!

Do you have Prince Albert in can? No... Well now you can have him in an app. Royal wedding apps are the new way to celebrate the upcoming wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The Royal Family has released a mobile application for the Android and iPhone which covers the entire history of  the royal weddings starting with Queen Victoria's marriage to Prince Albert in 1840. Features include images of William and Middleton, a look at the royal jewelry, and a visual history of the wedding gowns.


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iPhoneAlley Giveaway – Free Cases and Apps! ENDED

iPhoneAlley has teamed up with case manufacturer, Speck, as well as a few developers to offer you a chance to win their products! With a total of 78 winners, you have a huge chance to win! To enter EITHER “Like” iPhone Alley on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter and retweet

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Apple’s Contest Ends: 10th Billion App Downloaded

As a follow up from last week’s article on Apple’s newest contest, the 10th billion app download has happened yesterday. And if you saw our article with the projected date and time when the 10th billion app would be downloaded or you checked out Tenbillionapps at all, you’d know that

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Best Apps of 2010 Highlighted on the App Store

Earlier today, Apple posted another page on iTunes with all of their highlights of the 2010 year. Since the year is coming to an end, the list has all of the best apps and such of the app store all displayed on one page. You can find the page here

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iPhone apps save lives

I read a story this morning about a coach in California that saved a player’s life after using an iPhone app. Xavier Jones, a 17-year-old basketball player collapsed during a basketball game in La Verne, Cali.  The head coach, Eric Cooper Sr., just happened to review his CPR skills the

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Go Ghost Hunting for Halloween

A friend released a fun little app just in time for Halloween called GhostGoggles [App Store, $0.99]. GhostGoggles is an augmented tormented reality app for the iPhone (3GS or better) and the latest iPod Touch that lets you search for ghosts in your house or office. My kids are constantly

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New Kindle Ad Makes the iPad Look Bad In A Way That Sadly, Is Disturbingly True

Amazon released an ad recently that really took a swing at the one of the iPad’s weak spots. What with the Kindle falling tremendously behind in terms of purchases you’d think that Amazon might be a bit jealous. But the truth is, the ad is completely true… The Amazon Kindle,

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Doodle Jump Update – Retina Display Capabilities Added to Each Theme!

A few weeks ago, Lima Sky creators of the highly praised Doodle Jump, released an update to the game adding retina display to some of the game. In the update description, they promised retina display for the full game. Well that update is now available. With the update you get

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iRepo X 2.4 Song Recovery Utility Released

On Wednesday, Purple Ghost Software released version 2.4 of its song recovery utility for the iPod and iPhone. The application, a 3.3 megabyte download, allows users to copy songs back from an iPod or iPhone to your Mac.


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