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Tim Cook Reveals Apple’s Plans for China

Tim Cook’s official visit to China didn’t just include socializing while visiting Apple Stores and undertaking a meeting with the Chinese Minister of IT. According to a Reuters report, Apple’s CEO and China Mobile’s Chairman Xi Guohua met today to discuss “matters of cooperation”, which suggests the ongoing talks between

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Apple Store, Best Buy Advertising Black Friday Deals

Black Friday is the only day of the year when Apple offers discounted products storewide – some in black, others in white, many in silver. The tradition continues for November 25, 2011. No need to get aimlessly lost in long lines of deal-crazed buyers hell-bent on receiving products at the

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Pre-Orders for the iPhone 4S Begin at 12:01am

If the newest entry in the iPhone lineup has intrigued you enough to upgrade, then you will want to plan your purchase now. If it has not, then… well, if you are reading this site you are probably upgrading anyway. Pre-orders will begin tomorrow, October 7 at 12:01am Pacific Time.

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Does iOS Need an Interactive Tutorial?

Out of everybody that owns an iOS device, be it an iPhone or an iPad, how many do you think really knows how to use these capable devices to their fullest extent? Or even knows how to do much more than make a phone call and read email? I would

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Apple Emptying United Kingdom Stores Due to Riots

As a result of the rioting tragedy that has been taking place in London and surrounding areas over the past four days, Apple is taking precautions to protect retail store employees and inventory. Not only have many stores in the United Kingdom been temporarily closed, but all product stock, including

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Man to Camp in iPhone 5 Line with an Outrageously Fun Scheme

Rob Shoesmith, an app developer at MEDL Mobile and ambitious fellow, has an extensive plan in place to be the most outrageous person to ever wait in line for a product. Shoesmith is going to wait in line at the Covent Garden Apple Store in London, one of Apple’s premier

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Purchase a Customized Mac from Your iPhone

Yesterday all Apple Retail Stores became more interactive as iPads are now in place to provide questions, answers, pricing and product information to shoppers. Apple is calling this Apple Retail 2.0. However, the retail stores were not the only thing getting an update. The Apple Store App got an update

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Something Big’s Planned for the 10th Apple Store Anniversary

Despite a string of doubt and criticism surrounding Apple’s launch of its first retail store ten years from this Thursday, the company continued with its investment. The nationwide stores went on to become a staple of Apple products, helping propel them to a greater success thanks to intuitive device demos

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U.S. to Officially Be Ablaze (Or Not…) By the White iPhone 4 on April 28

The white iPhone 4 officially has a release date! (Oh, that exclamation point isn’t there for the release, it’s there because there won’t be any more delays or rumors about a new color of the same iPhone that we’ve had for ten months.) In a press release today, Apple announced

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White iPhone 4 Finally Launching Worldwide (Tomorrow?)

After a string of endless rumors, all signs are pointing to the launch of a white iPhone 4 worldwide. Yup, for real this time. An April 27 release is expected in the Netherlands. 9 to 5 Mac‘s image of Best Buy’s inventory indicates that the U.S. will be joining our

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