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Apple Nabs 22% of Global Market with iPhone 5; Is It Gaining Ground on Competitors?

There is conflicting evidence on whether Apple is gaining ground on its top competitor Samsung in the global market. According to the research firm Canalys, Appleā€™s release of the popular iPhone 5 has helped the tech giant capture a 22 percent increase over smartphone shipments worldwide in the fourth quarter

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A Case of the Missing Sync

I was able to spend a few days with Wi-Fi Sync on my jailbroken iPhone and found only two downsides to this extremely simple app: It doesn't work on the iPad and it's not available in the App Store. Wi-Fi Sync allows you to sync your iPhone or iPod Touch to your Mac without having to use the USB cable to do it. This is a feature that should be standard on all iDevices, unfortunately the app was rejected by Apple and is now only available for the brave souls who are willing to jailbreak their device.


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