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Next Generation iPod and iPhone Appear in Apple’s Inventory

The end to all the next generation iPhone rumors is near, and on October 4th we will know all we need to know. The scary part is there are more signs pointing to the iPhone 4S than the iPhone 5. For example, two of Appleā€™s next generation devices have been

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Apple Sends Out Invitations To October 4 Media Event

At least one rumor turned out to be true so far. Apple Insider received an invitation to Apple’s press conference on Tuesday, Oct. 4. The invite was decorated with icons of a clock, the date, a map and a phone with the tagline “Let’s talk iPhone.” So it’s official, October

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U.S. to Officially Be Ablaze (Or Not…) By the White iPhone 4 on April 28

The white iPhone 4 officially has a release date! (Oh, that exclamation point isn’t there for the release, it’s there because there won’t be any more delays or rumors about a new color of the same iPhone that we’ve had for ten months.) In a press release today, Apple announced

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iPad 2 on March 2

With FLASH!!! No, I kid, I kid. Sources have claimed that Apple will release the iPad 2 one week from today. All Things Digital claims to have confirmed from several outside sources that Apple will be making the announcement on March 2nd, which is said to be held in San

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New Speck See Thru Case & Stand

Harking back to the days of candy colored iMac's of ol, Speck is releasing a new hard see-thru case that also doubles as a movie stand. The cases bottom half doubles as a stand for your iPhone. A unique design for sure, if you're interested in adding some color to your life. The cases sell for $29.95 and coming in a variety of color options in Clear, Black, Pink, Red, and Purple.


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