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Angry Birds Rio App

The Angry Bird Rio app was launched early yesterday morning and has already flown to the number one spot on the chart. It was also the biggest launch ever for Finnish company Rovio, maker of the wildly popular Angry Birds game. The release was synced with the Tuesday night world

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eCardExpress App Review

Are you one of those people that forget to mail a birthday card for your Mom or Wife until the actual day of their birthday? If so, Bartsoft makes an app that is a good way to keep you out of the dog house. The eCardExpress app has over 19

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Marble Slalom Review

From the CodeCube Brothers, comes Marble Slalom a fresh takes on the ball-roller classification in which you race through many slalom tracks to achieve the best time. While it’s not as addicting as Tiny Wings, I’ve been in love with it since I got it about a week ago. I

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Tiny Wings App

I was meandering around the App Store the other day trying to get my virtual shopping fix when I noticed that Tiny Wings was ranked the #1 download…above Angry Birds! What? I hadn’t even heard of this game. So, I figured if it was #1 then it was definitely worth

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Catholic Confession in an App?

As we have all said a thousand times, there is an app for everything. Apparently the same is true with religion. Many churches have begun creating their own apps to stay up with the digital age. A new addition to the App Store has created quite a buzz – Confession:

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Remote Access To iTunes Content Coming to iPhone & iPod touch?

A new patent application filed by Apple describes a process which would allow users to remotely access music and videos located on their home computers over WiFi or cellular data networks. The system works by syncing iTunes metadata to the device, rather than the media itself. The metadata would list "virtual media items" which would represent every song, video, and playlist a user has in their iTunes library. Once selected, the file would be downloaded for local playback on the device.


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