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$9,000,000 in Damages, Several Almost Die, 21 Homeless in App Marketing Stunt Reportedly Gone Wrong

All for the promotion of a game that the developer claims had gone terribly amiss, the company behind a foolish marketing stunt claims that $9,000,000 was caused in damages and 21 have become homeless as a result of the company's total disregard in devising a ludicrous public spectacle. Several people had even come close to death as result of a poorly-planned wrecking ball demolition... or not.


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AppMakr Lets You Easily Create Your Own iPhone App From RSS Feeds

These days it's becoming increasingly common for musicians and bloggers to have their own iPhone apps to promote their brands and content using the App Store. And why not? "Apps" seem to be the hottest thing these days, in spite of the amount of skill it takes to actually sit down and create them. Thankfully for those of us who couldn't code our way out of a paper bag, a new solution has just popped up called AppMakr.


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