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How to Survive Saturday’s Apocalypse With an iPhone (Humor…?)

Now that idiots have made this Saturday, May 21, 2011 a “guaranteed” date for the ultimate impending doom – the beginning of a six-month apocalypse, it is only fitting that the most feature-rich device arguably ever assists you in going above and beyond the rest of the troubled pack (of

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iPhone nano At Macworld, Confirmed By Vaja?

We just received word from a reliable source within Apple that they are in fact working on an iPhone Nano, and that it will be announced at Macworld. The source says that the iPhone Nano will most likely be similar in form-factor to the iPod touch, and will probably not include 3G.


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Rumor: Apple To Announce 32GB iPhone 3G At Macworld?

Macworld '09 will be here before you know it, and rumors of what Apple might announce are starting to pop up across the web. Among talk of iMac and long-overdue Mac Mini upgrades, MacBlogz has recieved an unconfirmed tip that Apple may add a 32GB iPhone 3G alongside their 8GB and 16GB models.


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