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Poll: Free Bumper Case or $15 Check from Apple?

A settlement has been reached in a class-action lawsuit regarding the performance of the antenna of the original iPhone 4, previously known as a phenomenon dubbed Antennagate. As part of the agreement reached, owners of the original iPhone, will be allowed to choose one between two forms of compensation from

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Head of iPhone 4 Development Fired, iPhone 5 a Group Effort

While iPhone 4 may have been the biggest stride since the first generation of the notorious phone, it may have arrived at a time when Apple was too busy to focus its attention on such a significant device. Rather than strictly having current Apple employees lead development, an outside source

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Verizon iPhone 4 – Antennagate Issues Remain

Despite Apple declaring the rectification of the antennagate issues, causing AT&T users to experience dropped calls, with the release of the new Verizon iPhone 4, Consumer Reports declares otherwise. A recent investigation conducted by their lab engineers shows that the issue still remains: why haven’t many people complained? Verizon’s network

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Onyx Online To Be Xbox Live For iPhone Games

You may know Steve Demeter as the developer of the hit App Store game Trism, but lately he's been working on something a lot cooler that could be a game changer in the ever-growing iPhone game industry. It's called Onyx Online, and it's an a score keeping service that lets users keep an online profile with their scores in different iPhone games, as well as track of their scores of their friends.


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Microsoft Says All Xbox Live Apps Must Be Free

Microsoft is probably not going to create an Xbox Live app for the iPhone, but they are letting third party developers fill the void, so there won't be a shortage for you Xbox fans. Their only restriction, however, is that they are not allowed to charge money for it, but have to offer it for free.


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