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Angry Birds Take Over the World

The Angry Birds are everywhere! Movies, board games, super bowl commercials, lunch boxes, Google Chrome, stuffed animals, t-shirts, and various versions of the original game. Are the Angry Birds taking over the world? Angry Birds fans just got a new update that included not only new levels but also a

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Angry Birds iPhone Case Competes For Most Hideous Apple Accessory

Even the biggest Angry Birds fan will want to stay away from this blinged out iPhone case. Not only does the bedazzled exterior look uncomfortable to hold to your ear, but the HUGE 3D Angry Bird protruding out the back has me at a loss for words. It looks like

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Angry Birds Rio App

The Angry Bird Rio app was launched early yesterday morning and has already flown to the number one spot on the chart. It was also the biggest launch ever for Finnish company Rovio, maker of the wildly popular Angry Birds game. The release was synced with the Tuesday night world

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Addicted to Games

I’ll admit it. I’m a gamer. However, you might be surprised to hear that the only game system I’ve ever owned was an Atari. It was my first experience with video games. I played Frogger, Pitfall and Asteroids until I beat them all. I was obsessed. Then as Nintendo game

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For All Angry Birds “Lovers”

The Angry Birds keep finding ways to wiggle into our lives from creating the holiday version of its game to the Angry Birds cameo appearance in Rio. These Birds aren’t going anywhere and their developers keep finding new ways to get our attention. No other app that I know of

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Best Technology Super Bowl Commercials 2011

Technology companies ruled the roost this year with the Super Bowl commercials. Best Buy’s ad last night featuring Ozzy Osbourne and Justin Beiber told us that Best Buy would buy back our old products when we decide to upgrade. Seriously? What is the catch? Here is the scale posted on

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TopSkin for iPhone 3G

PDO's TopSkin for iPhone 3G is a comfortable and resilient case that comes with a belt clip and a low price. The first generation iPhone's TopSkin was awarded iLounge's 2007 iPhone Case of the Year. This case comes with the micro-grip case, one belt clip and a screen cover. The micro-grip case is very comfortable and comes in four different colours: black, gray, blue and pink.


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