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BlackBerry App World Deceivingly Competitive with a Billion Downloads

Sure, it isn’t quite the App Store’s recent astonishing fifteen-billion download milestone, but for another mobile app hub to reach its own billion download milestone in the same week shows that Apple is not alone in strong application distribution. Research In Motion is the next to make news with reports

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iPad App Selection Passes the 100,000 Mark

The App Store hits another major milestone as there are now over 100,000 fully iPad-optimized apps available for your tapping, swiping, and multi-touching pleasure. It took just around a year and three months, which is an extremely impressive timeframe for any platform to grow so substantially. Yes ladies and gentlemen,

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Casinos Catch On To Card-Counting iPhone Apps

It turns out there really is an app for just about everything in the App Store, as casinos are now learning the hard way. As the Las Vegas Review-Journal reports, state gaming authorities in Nevada were recently tipped off by their counterparts in California about the existence of apps in the App Store for the purpose of card counting.


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