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Amazon Debuts MP3 Store for iPhone, but…

When it comes to music, iPhone fans are not left, if our readers will pardon the pun, to their own devices. iTunes easily syncs purchases with the iPhone and other iDevices that the user owns. But now, it’s not the only choice.

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Get Almost Maximum Value for iPhone 4S by Trading in

Although we'll soon have a guide on how to maximize profits by selling your iPhone 4S through eBay, today we're going to take a look at the optimal way to receive the most amount of cash for your used iPhone 4S by trading in your device.


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New Kindle Ad Makes the iPad Look Bad In A Way That Sadly, Is Disturbingly True

Amazon released an ad recently that really took a swing at the one of the iPad’s weak spots. What with the Kindle falling tremendously behind in terms of purchases you’d think that Amazon might be a bit jealous. But the truth is, the ad is completely true… The Amazon Kindle,

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