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Siri Claims Nokia Lumia 900 is ‘Best Smartphone Ever’

Since the time of her (its?) existence, the iPhone 4S' virtual assistant, Siri, has gained a reputation for the quirky answers she delivers to some questions.


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Ground Effect Hovercraft Racer Now Available

Glenn Corpes today released a new racing game called Ground Effect [App Store, $3.99]. It puts you in the seat of a hovercraft that reminds me a lot of Star Fox 64. Races take place on a series of deserted islands with tons of obstacles, mountains, rocks, and checkpoints to fly through. Each level requires you to make it through the course as well as place 3rd or greater to move on to the next level. There are a total of 14 levels and 10 "ground effect" crafts to choose from.

I've already gotten my hands on this game and so far it's been very entertaining. Graphics are great and the tilt controls are nice and smooth. If you're a racing game fan, I definitely recommend checking out Ground Effect. Gameplay video below!


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