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Popcap’s, 4th & Battery Helps Child’s Dream Materialize

Popcap’s experimental label within, 4th & Battery had previously released multiple free titles onto the App Store, but not in a way more significant than their most recently released game, Allied Star Police. The newest work from the sub-company, if you will, was released just yesterday in the App Store

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Hand-Carved Wooden iPhone 3G Cases Are Perfect For Your Mountain Friends

Eatsy has a new selection of hand-carved wooden cases from Substrata for the iPhone 3G. While it doesn't quite offer the same level of protection as a traditional case, it's darn pretty and fits the contours of the device perfectly (so we hear; we haven't gotten our hands on it yet). They come in a selection of beautiful woods, including zebrawood (pictured), macacuba wood, and wenge, and are finished with a coat of linseed oil. You can get them at the links above for $84.99. [via OhGizmo!]


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