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Review: Spigen SGP Ultra Thin Air Case for iPhone 5

Over the years, the market for iPhone cases has augmented to appeal to a wide variety of customers. There's no doubt that anything you need - whether it be hardcore protection, glamorous looks, or a combination of both - will be available somewhere online or in-store. Spigen SGP's lineup of cases for the iPhone 5 boasts a lot of promise and creativity. Today we'll be taking a look at the company's Ultra Thin Air case for the iPhone 5.


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Review: Power Support’s Black Air Jacket Set

Ultra thin, ultra light, ultra hyped and rightly so. The Air Jacket Set case from Power Support USA is a hard-case for the iPod Touch 4th generation measuring under 1mm in thickness and weighing almost nothing – that’s how they manage to sell this case, and it’s certainly a valid

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High-Fliers of the App Store

Save for the fact that these birds don’t fly, they truly are the high-fliers of the app store, having accomplished more than any other application or developer could ever dream of. At the top of the charts, four flightless birds reign over the app store. It seems birds, well the

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Mophie Juice Pack Air Review for iPod Touch 2G and 3G – Battery Dead? Saved!

Seldom has my iPod lasted me a whole day without me having to charge it. That’s how much its battery capacity has dropped since I bought it two Septembers ago. Those external batteries that they sell do the job, but the iPod being charged usually cannot be used – the

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