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Review: Boxwave’s AcoustiMax In-Ear Headphones

Comfort, design, quality — everything that Boxwave’s AcoustiMax In-Ear Headphones are equipped with. I was sent a pair of these headphones just the other day, and my first impressions were pretty strong. Other than the simplistic, okay packaging, the headphones were in mint condition and looking greater than ever. On

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System 7 Running On An iPhone

iPod Observer reports that a group of hackers from the MacOS Project have successfully gotten an iPhone to run a modified version of Macintosh System 7. So far they already have a functional desktop, and can eve run a few simple applications from back in the day like MacDraw, MacPaint and the Calculator. It's still a little rough around the edges though, since "shutting down" System 7 crashes the device.


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