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The Last Ace of Space App Review – A Quirky Tale of Gassy Pigs and More

Anyone who doesn’t appreciate getting a bit of humor out of applications, once in awhile, is pretty crazy. With its bizarre premise, colorful cartoon graphics and infinite replay value, The Last Ace of Space makes sure people like me, who do like something totally weird and funny, get our share

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Hysteria Project Unveiled, Submitted to App Store

Bulkypix's long anticipated game, Hysteria Project, has been officially submitted to the App Store. Alongside the game's submission, the studio has also posted a gameplay video which finally reveals what we can expect to see once the game becomes available at $1.99. The game itself is similar in format to a "choices" storybook where you choose your character's next action every few minutes and watch to see what happens. At the game's opening, you find yourself bound in a shed, unsure of how you got there. A menacing, shadowy figure waits outside with an axe. What do you do? Video below...


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