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Ringbow – The Next Revolutionary Gaming Accessory?

The Ringbow recently arrived into the confines of Kickstarter's realm of projects that have the potential to be incredibly successful if funded. In this particular case, the developers are ambitiously seeking $100,000 to transform their project from a simple visualization to a full-fledged reality. What's the strong force slowly pushing the Ringbow to mass production? Find out the details down below.


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Apple Launches New Smart Case for the iPad at WWDC

As if we're done covering what was announced earlier today at Apple's WWDC keynote! Hidden among all of the commotion surrounding the other announcements made at the keynote, Apple has quietly launched a new accessory for its flagship tablet, the iPad.


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LifeProof Armband Review for iPhone 4/4S

Used in conjunction with their case dedicated to the iPhone 4/4S as a whole, the Armband/Swimband from LifeProof ($49.99) takes the standard mount seen universally with all of their products and applies a wide velcro strap allowing you to easily stow your device on your arm whilst running, swimming or

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Clever New Product, Say Hello to the Macro Lens Band from Photojojo

If you’re an avid photographer, and like to explore your hobby using a mobile phone, then you’ve probably received your share of swag and other camera-related trinkets/gadgets from Photojojo. The online website is your one-stop shop for mobile phone camera related gear. More specifically, they sell the Macro Cell Lens

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Case-Mate Advertises iPhone 5 Cases with Revealing Photos

Being ahead of the game, accessory manufacturer Case-Mate has been hard at work designing new cases for its upcoming case lineup. More specifically, the company’s iPhone 4S/5 collection. Of course, we do not have any solid details of the design yet, certainly not regarding exact dimensions, but that has not

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TheHiShop Bunker Ring Review

As far as quirky accessories go, the Bunker Ring, by TheHiShop, does earn its place among the top. Though it’s an odd idea, it’s very well justified and just as well executed, creating a fine safety measure when using your iPhone, iPod Touch and even iPad. The Bunker Ring is

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WaterField Designs iPhone Smart Case Review

If you have been looking for an iPhone case/sleeve that goes further than just offering style and protection, the iPhone Smart Case by WaterField Designs accomplishes the feat of adding functionality to a sleeve. The Smart Case showcases what happens when a company tries to push out-of-the-box. Made out of

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Some Cases Don’t Fit the White iPhone 4

It seems that a white glass color and an improved proximity sensor were not the only changes that Apple made to the white iPhone 4. It is actually ever-so-slightly thicker than the black variant. That’s because of a taller piece of rubberized plastic running around the front and back of

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Waterfield Design’s iPod Suede Jacket Review – New iPod Touch 4? Scared about Scratching? Solution.

I’ve never really owned a pouch for my iPod, so I didn’t really know what to expect when I received the iPod Suede Jacket from Waterfield Design. Would it be good, or would it be bad? Only time would tell, and it sure did! I recently got the new iPod

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Artwizz’s PowerBud Review – A Very Elegant and Portable External Battery

When it comes to external batteries on the market, pretty much every one of them is the same. Some have their perks, like a built in stand or other little features that make them a bit more “luxurious” if you would. However, when you really think about it most external

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