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Will You Still Buy iPhone 5 If It’s a Small Upgrade?

Many of the rumors that we have almost come to take as fact regarding iPhone 5 are beginning to be contradicted, with separate rumors negating features such as a bigger screen or new design. What we know for sure about the iPhone launching in fall is that it will have

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PlayStation Vita (PSP2) Bests iPod touch’s Hardware for $250

Yesterday, Sony took to the E3 gaming conference stage to announce launch details on its new handheld device, the PlayStation Vita. PlayStation Vita is the first true successor to the PlayStation Portable (which launched in the U.S. over six years ago), bringing forth the best of modern technologies in a

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iOS Devices Could Include Mobile GPUs With Desktop Performance Soon

iOS devices currently contain a PowerVR GPU made by Imagination Technologies. PowerVR GPUs have long been the best in mobile-class GPUs, and the company just announced a new lineup that will leave the competition struggling to even attempt to catch up. The company’s new lineup of PowerVR GPUs is called

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Apple Closing In On Russian iPhone Deal, Launch Date Soon?

According to Bloomberg News, Apple may be nearing an agreement with OAO VimpelCom and OAO MegaFon, Russia's second and third largest wireless carriers, to finally bring the iPhone 3G to Russia officially. Rumor has it that they may start selling the device as early as this week, with Apple hoping both companies buy over a million phones each.


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