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Apple Readies iOS 5.0.1 for Public Release

Pretty much since the day of the launch of the iPhone 4S this past October 14th, users reported that they were having problems with the battery life of the device. Rather than posing as an improvement to last year’s iteration of the iPhone, the 4S could barely make it through

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iPhone 4S Case Review: Proporta’s Aluminum Lined Leather Case

Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be taking comprehensive looks at a multitude of iPhone 4S compatible cases as well as any similar accessories. The first in our extensive lineup, is for Proporta’s Aluminum Lined Leather Case. Compatible with the iPhone 4S and its predecessor alike, the

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Apple Airs Three More iPhone 4S Ads

Just launching today, Apple aired three new iPhone 4S advertisements on top of the already existent one that was originally aired last week. All three of these show off the iPhone 4S, of course, with Apple’s unique marketing technique. Watch them below. All three of the ads appeal to the

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Apple Stores Set to Open Early for the Launch of the iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S was available for preorder starting on October 7th, but the preorder stock recently ran out leaving October 14th, the official launch date for the phone, the only opportunity for potential early adopters to get their hands on the new phone. Due to large demand, Apple Stores will

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For Those Who Are Interested, The Story of My Sleepless Night

Thinking that the iPhone 4S would sell out within a matter of mere minutes, I got everything that could be setup, setup and ready with my Apple account. I woke up at 2:50 AM (EST) this morning and made refresh on Apple’s Store page my best friend. At the promised

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Sprint Confirms Unlimited Data for iPhone Users

Following the announcement that the iphone 4S would be a “world phone”, in that it will support AT&T, Verizon Wireless and most recently added, Sprint, the last of the carriers has announced that it will be offering unlimited data plans for its iPhone customers. As CNET reports: ‘”We will be

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Word of the Next Generation iPhone(s) Cannot Be Contained

As Apple’s press conference creeps closer and closer, when the next generation iPhone(s) are supposedly, though it’s pretty much already confirmed, being announced, word of the new phones simply cannot be contained.

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iPhone 4S/5 Rumor Roundup Video

Imagine a video that takes an unimagineable amount of iPhone 4S/5 rumors and combines all of them efficiently with the utmost amount of polish to give you the optimum roundup you’ll ever get if you’re an Apple fanboy simply waiting on your toes for the new phone. That’s what French

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Apple to Offer Low-Priced iPhone Alongside Next-Generation Device in August?

You all probably don’t believe any of these circulating rumors anymore, and I don’t blame you. After all, there are a whole plethora of them floating around, of which one or none materialize. But Boy Genius Reports urges you to believe this one from “an incredibly solid source” stating that

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Next iPhone To Transmit FM To Your Stereo?

Last week, references to Broadcom's BMC4329 [PDF] wireless chip were found in the iPhone 3.0 beta seeded to developers. After some digging around, 9to5 Mac has discovered that the new chip has the ability receive information over FM radio frequencies, but can potentially be used to send them as well. One possible use for this could be broadcasting music into a car stereo without the need for an external adapter. It could also be used to receive FM broadcasts on the iPhone.


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