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Customers Able to Keep AT&T Unlimited Data Plans with iPhone 5 Upgrades

Contrary to popular belief, AT&T has today released a press release stating that customers that currently have an unlimited data plan will be able to grandfathered into an unlimited data plan despite the newly-added support for 4G LTE with the introduction of the iPhone 5.


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4G LTE Support Doesn’t Change FaceTime Requirements

Many of the major, big gun tech websites were sent review units of the new iPad, and one of the more prominent ones, The Verge reports that the support for LTE with the release of the new iPad doesn't change Apple's requirements for FaceTime. You still much be connected to a Wi-Fi network.


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Would You Switch to Sprint?

It’s rumored and, though very crazy, possible that the iPhone 5 could be exclusive to underdog carrier, if you will, Sprint. Would you switch to Sprint if the new iPhone, supposedly (and hopefully) being announced tomorrow only supports the third most popular carrier? Up till now, the previous generations of

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Sprint May Exclusively Get iPhone 5 in a Multi-Billion Dollar Deal, Updated iPhone 4S/5 Feature Lists

Sprint may have entered into a deal with Apple worth $20 billion, a huge gamble for the struggling carrier. As a result of the deal, iPhone 5 would reportedly be exclusively available on Sprint. Under the deal, Sprint would be committed to purchase 30 million iPhones over the next four

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Sprint iPad and iPhone Ready For October Launch?

As we get closer to a possible Apple announcement the Sprint iPhone rumors keep leaking. A Sprint Nextel sales associate told TUAW that they will be carrying the iPhone 4 and a 4G iPad in October. The tipster seemed a bit confused claiming Sprint would only be offering the iPhone

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Apple to Offer Low-Priced iPhone Alongside Next-Generation Device in August?

You all probably don’t believe any of these circulating rumors anymore, and I don’t blame you. After all, there are a whole plethora of them floating around, of which one or none materialize. But Boy Genius Reports urges you to believe this one from “an incredibly solid source” stating that

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New Verizon Ad Claims Their 4G LTE Network Is Twice As Fast As ATT’s

An ad that recently started airing claims that Verizon’s 4G LTE network is twice as fast as AT&T’s by testing phones from both carriers against each other. The ad, which I saw yesterday, simulates a rescue team’s process of rescuing. In other words, two people, each with phones from ATT

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iPhone 6 Will Likely Feature LTE Network Support

It would not be a stretch to say that in a little over two years from now our iPhone will be able to connect to anything, even cars controllable by a breakthrough auto-pilot app that will add new meaning to “There’s an app for that.” Okay, maybe it is a

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iPhoneAlley Giveaway – Free Cases and Apps! ENDED

iPhoneAlley has teamed up with case manufacturer, Speck, as well as a few developers to offer you a chance to win their products! With a total of 78 winners, you have a huge chance to win! To enter EITHER “Like” iPhone Alley on Facebook or Follow us on Twitter and retweet

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White iPhone Arriving Soon? Looking forward to it?…or not

Could the white iPhone 4 finally be coming? Is it really something to look forward to? I would think not. According to AppleInsider, a man was spotted at a Whole Foods store in Seattle, Washington with the white iPhone 4 and he let out some info that could change your

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