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iPhone 4 Self-Combusts on Plane

Passengers flying aboard the Australian airline, Regional Express, flight number ZL319, had quite a scare this past Friday as they discovered an iPhone both emitting smoke and glowing red with heat just as the domestic flight landed.

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Straight from Kickstarter: Say Hi to the MobileMount

I think that this product is truly great, and evidently so do atleast 1,220 other people who have backed the MobileMount on Kickstarter. Soon to be available, this spinoff of typical iPhone stands is more than unique.

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iPhone 4S Case Review: Proporta’s Aluminum Lined Leather Case

Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll be taking comprehensive looks at a multitude of iPhone 4S compatible cases as well as any similar accessories. The first in our extensive lineup, is for Proporta’s Aluminum Lined Leather Case. Compatible with the iPhone 4S and its predecessor alike, the

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Yup, Another Leak – This Time from Foxconn (Images)

Like I said last night, there is still time for companies to slip and let the cat out of the bag regarding the new iPhone models. Late(er) last night, almost immediately after I posted, pictures of the supposed lower-end iPhone 4 were discovered by Gizmodo’s Brazilian counterpart, – this

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Device Home Sharing: What You Need to Know

Amongst the few other noticeable additions. which made their debuts on the iDevice with Apple’s iOS 4.3 release 5 days ago, was home sharing. What this did, since the this feature was already existent from computer to computer, was enable you to use your iPod or iPhone to access your

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Giveaway: Two Leather Sleeves for iPhone 4

UPDATE: iPhone Alley along with Xtrememac and MaxBorgesAgency will be able to give away TWO Leather Sleeve’s! Your chances of winning are even higher! iPhoneAlley has teamed up with Xtrememac and MaxBorgesAgency to, yet again, provide you with another giveaway! This time we are giving away a premium leather sleeve,

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Smaller, Cheaper iPhone Model Confirmed by WSJ

Just this past Thursday, we posted about a possible “iPhone mini” that could launch this year after a report by Bloomberg. This supposed rumor has in fact been confirmed by The Wall Street Journal. From WSJ’s article on the matter: “One of the people, who saw a prototype of the

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OtterBox Commuter Series Review for iPod Touch 4G

We posted a review on OtterBox’s defender series just a few weeks ago which highlighted the case’s many pros – sadly along with some cons too. However, the case was just as much worth it even with all of the cons included in the picture. If you’re not looking for

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Verizon iPhone 5 Speculation

This is not a rumor or anything super huge but simply some speculation on my part. Just today I was thinking about something that puzzled me. So I’ll say it straight up right after I give some background information that can back up what I’m about to say. The Verizon

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Camera Issues With White iPhone 4 Confirmed By Woz

Last night the Engadget show featured Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak with a full fledged interview. While being recorded, he went on confirming the camera issues with the white iPhone 4 that we had posted an article on early last month. Though it wasn’t a true confirmation considering he had no

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