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Device Home Sharing: What You Need to Know

Amongst the few other noticeable additions. which made their debuts on the iDevice with Apple’s iOS 4.3 release 5 days ago, was home sharing. What this did, since the this feature was already existent from computer to computer, was enable you to use your iPod or iPhone to access your

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Next Generation Devices Without A Home Button? iOS 4.3 Says So

As many of you may have heard or seen, iOS 4.3 was released to developers yesterday in the beta form which means that it won’t be out for some time to the public. With the release, people have noticed changes that lead them to believe that next generation iPhones, iPads

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Tangible Keyboard For iPhone In The Works

The iPhone keyboard is a brilliant innovation and a good time once users have grown accustomed to it. Crossover users who are used to feeling their keypad, however, might like that tangible comfort of knowing just where their fingers are supposed to go. Some researchers might have the answer.


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