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Naturally Amplify Your iPad 2 Tunes with SoundBender

Kickstarter has been the funding partner with many high budget, successful accessories, among the plethora of other things that are funded daily on the community website, and it today boasts another product that is both relevant to this site and looks like it's got some serious potential. The SoundBender amplifies your music without power, batteries or anything of the sort, however, only for the iPad 2.


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League of Evil 2 Trailer Dashes Onto the Web

Our 2011 Game of the Year, League of Evil, was released at the beginning of last year. Said company, Ravenous Games, is set to debut the sequel to their acclaimed pixel platformer after teaming up with Bulletproof Outlaws to produce a new graphical style, later this month, and they’ve posted

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Tutorial: Jailbreak iPhone 4S and iPad 2 on Windows (iOS 5/iOS 5.0.1)

As many of you are probably already aware of, the promised and anticipated untethered jailbreak for Apple's A5 devices was released just a few days ago and, though it currently was only available for Mac users, there's also now two ways to jailbreak when on a Windows PC.


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Sneak Peek: League of Evil 2

We took this mighty fine application through our review process, and it came out with flying colors, and Apple also listed it in their “Benchmark Games” list, which we posted about yesterday. What application? League of Evil. Exclusive shots of its successor have recently been released, and we’ve got them

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Update: ‘Cut the Rope Experiments’ Releasing Tonight!

We didn’t receive much notice before developer, ZeptoLab dropped the bomb on us: Cut the Rope Experiments, the official sequel to the highly-played, well-received Cut the Rope is coming to an App Store near you tonight! With an official launching date of August 4th ZeptoLab brings you Cut the Rope

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Om Nom Hungry for More, Cut the Rope 2 Details Emerge

I seriously can’t imagine being able to eat pounds of candy at one time, especially the amount that iPhone puzzler, Cut the Rope’s star Om Nom chomps up. Going through over 150 boxes, it’s a wonder that he’s not full or unable to eat yet – and that’s definitely interesting

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Skobbler Giving Away A Brand New iPad 2

iPad 2′s are in pretty high demand and are pretty hard to find at your local Apple store. You can use our tips for buying one on Ebay, or you could just let Skobbler take five minutes of your time, which would really be benefiting you. On their Facebook page,

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Speedball 2: Evolution App Review – Amiga Classic to Modern iPhone

If you’re an old gamer, you may remember owning an Amiga or even an Atari ST. You may also remember playing a fictional sports game titled, Speedball 2 by the Bitmap Brothers. It turns out that that very exact game, apart from the few tweaks was released on the app

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They’ve Got You Covered – iPad 2 Case Roundup

As you all are probably aware of by now, the iPad 2 was announced at Apple’s press conference on the 2nd. Those of you looking into buying the case this Friday may also be interested in buying a case to accompany your new, and obviously slick, device. Here’s some of

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Car Jack Streets 2 Teaser Trailer Released

When I first got my iPod Touch 2G a little bit over 2 years ago, I remember the wonders of the app store were the two astonishing, Payback and Car Jack Streets. They were so amazing given that the iDevices were still relatively new at that point, and those two

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