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1Password App Review – Keep Your Passwords in 1Place

It seems that every single website that one visits nowadays requires a login in order to utilize all of the website’s features to the optimal extent. Whether it’s the casual social networking websites such as Facebook or Twitter, or an online banking website, a user’s overall security is safeguarded with

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Improve Readability of Small Sites on the iPhone

As great as Mobile Safari is, there are times when a web site is formatted poorly, and it is just too difficult to read comfortably on the iPhone. Enter Readability, a free and easy to use bookmarket that will reformat any web site, making it much more enjoyable on your small screen. There are three simple options: Style, which include options like newspaper or eBook; Size, from extra small to extra large; Margin, extra narrow to extra large. After you specify your preferred reading format, add the bookmarklet to your bookmarks. The next time you're browsing a page you simply tap on your bookmarklet and the site is instantly reformatted to your preferred style.


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