Waterfield Design’s iPod Suede Jacket Review – New iPod Touch 4? Scared about Scratching? Solution.

I’ve never really owned a pouch for my iPod, so I didn’t really know what to expect when I received the iPod Suede Jacket from Waterfield Design. Would it be good, or would it be bad? Only time would tell, and it sure did!

I recently got the new iPod Touch 4 and was pretty excited to see it come in until I realized I didn’t have anything to protect it from the millions of fingerprints that are printed all over the back in seconds of holding. But once I got hold of the iPod Suede Jacket, I was no longer worried.

The iPod Suede Jacket is a soft felt-like covered pouch that is manufactured solely to protect your iPod from scratches and such while doing that in a somewhat sort of style.

This pouch is designed to fit the new iPod Touch 4 so it’s obviously made to the exact measurements. When you first get it, the pouch will feel a little tight with the iPod inside of it. I personally like this measure of safety (the tightness), but others don’t. For those of you that don’t like this, the pouch will, after some use, get looser.

With the iPod inside, the pouch still maintains a very thin profile. When holding it in your hand, you don’t really feel the extra add-on the to regular weight of your iPod. This is especially beneficial for the times when you have small pockets, and makes your iPod able to be carried easily and comfortably.

The microfiber-like material that the pouch is made of feels soft to the fingers, and evidently it also does to an iPod. Even with my fear of getting scratches before receiving the pouch and the constant effort I put into keeping my device slick and shiny, my iPod did end up with a few blemishes on the back. However, I haven’t noticed any noticeable new ones after using the pouch in the last few days.

Though the material is extremely soft, which is the pro, the downside is that the material used is unfortunately a huge lint attractor. Within mere moments of the pouch being exposed to the environment outside its plastic package, there was a pretty solid cover of dust layered on the back. You don’t immediately notice this however, but if held up to a source of light, the layer is exposed.

When you fly, or travel, or take your iPod with you anywhere, you probably fancy traveling light rather than bulky. So the pouch not only has an area for your iPod, but also another mesh pouch in the front for carrying any other sort of accessory that you would otherwise be holding somewhere else. The pocket can hold pretty much anything kind of small accessory with larger ones such as earbuds starting to make the overall bulk higher.

If you want double the protection, the pouch will still fit on the iPod when your device is already housed in another considerably small case. I recently tried doing this, and it works pretty well.

I’ve seen other pouches that have cutouts on the bottom and sides. This feature in those pouches both benefits and ultimately takes away from the purpose. You’re holding your iPod in a pouch for protection, but then are leaving your important ports and buttons open for harm to make its way in. I am still debating whether or not I’d like to see something like that because it would make music listening with my iPod in the pouch much easier, but then the cons are enough to make me regret the thought. So, I’ll just put it out there as a suggestion and see what the company has to say!

So like I mentioned earlier, I really didn’t know what to expect from a pouch. I wasn’t sure if it would be good, or if it would be bad. Well my initial impressions were very high, and they haven’t dropped since. It turns out that the iPod Suede Jacket is one of the most worthwhile products for my iPod that I’ve ever owned. Considering the fact that there was only one con stacked up against an endless amount of pros, the pouch is a winner apart from the many on the market.

If you’re interested in the pouch that I’ve been describing, it’s available in three different styles. A plain black which is $10 for the regular unit and an extra $4 if you want the front pocket included, a cheetah skin style available for $12 and again $4 extra for the pocket, and a zebra skin style also for $12 and $4 extra. It would be really great if there were more designs to make their way onto the site in the near future!

And if you don’t have an iPod Touch 4 and are really interested in the pouch, it’s available for the 3rd generation iPod Touch, iPod Classic 160GB, and the iPod Nano 5th generation.